Live Ur Life was founded by Jimmy in 2016, drawing inspiration from parents who packed up life in Sydney, Australia, in search of a life of retirement at an early age.

They have created a life that has allowed them to travel the world, living their retirement in constant adventure and happiness, instead of working the last 10 years of there working life, with stress, expensive living costs and a mortgage still over there heads.

They were able to achieve a life of constant adventure and happiness by selling our family home, downsizing their lives, and coming across the newly found 'house sitting' community.

For the past few years they have house sat in over 10 countries, and travelled around the world, blogging about there experiences and sharing their insights with people www.totraveltoo.com.

But this wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for my Brother, who gave them their inspiration to travel.

Having travelled all around the world, he came back to Sydney, Australia with a goal to learn about super yachts.

3 years on, he is living and working on super yachts in the Caribbean and Europe. 

Having these influences in my life and after a 3 month trip throughout Europe and Asia in 2016, my goal is to follow in there footsteps in search of a life thats full of adventure, spreading the words 'Live Ur Life' and searching for a life outside of the 9-5, living life with no 'I wish I had done that moments'. 

This is my story. 



work with us

Founder, Jimmy has been working as a travel photographer and blogger since 2016, who's passion is creating and documenting life through digital media, producing content for a number of companies as well as his own channels.

Throughout this time he has travelled to destinations such as Mexico, Central America, America, Maldives, Philippines, Bali, Greece and Croatia. 

Our goal at Live Ur Life is to create high-quality digital media that captures the attention of people and influences them to purchase a product, travel to a destination or to simply change their mentality about how they live their life. 

We want the opportunity to work alongside your company or brand, to produce captive and unique content. 

We don't just shoot the content and leave you with it, we assist you along the whole way.

Starting from the storyboard, to producing the digital media, to then guiding you on the best way to pitch and share your new content through out your social networks. 

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We have a few different types of packages available;

****Keep in mind these prices include the use of equipment, filming time and post editing.

Photo package

Camera Photos

10 High Resolution Photos with full rights - $350.00 (AUD)

20 High Resolution Photos with full rights - $600.00 (AUD)

Drone Photos

10 High Resolution Photos with full rights - $600 (AUD)

20 High Resolution Photos with full rights - $1000.00 (AUD)

Video package


1 x 30 second video with full rights - $350.00 (AUD)

2 x 30 second video with full rights - $600.00 (AUD)

3 x 30 second video with full rights - $900.00 (AUD)

1 X 1 minute video with full rights - $600.00 (AUD)

1 x 2 minute video with full rights - $1100.00 (AUD)

1 x 3 minute video with full rights - $1600.00 (AUD)


Add Drone footage

30 second $250 (AUD) to price above

1-3 minute $500.oo (AUD) to price above

Featured Instagram Package

1 Permanent featured Instagram photo with your product, tag on photo, and mention in caption - $125.oo AUD

3 Permanent featured Instagram photos with your product, tag on photo, and mention in caption - $300.00 AUD

Past Collaborations 

Sparx Underwear


Christian Paul Watches

Live Ur Life


Email us for press/media inquiries and other collaborations.




Our Office

PO Box 4247,

North Curl Curl, 2096

Sydney, NSW, 


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